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Craig Mueller
is exceptionally pleased to serve the citizens of the Las Vegas Valley. He has ties to the Las Vegas community spanning over 30 years...


Cristina Hinds
received her undergraduate degree from the University of Nevada in 1995. She spent a semester in Washington DC...



Mueller, Hinds, and Associates, Chtd., is a Las Vegas personal injury law firm managed by husband and wife Craig Mueller and Cristina Hinds.  We have over 40 years of negotiation and trial experience in the Las Vegas Valley fighting for injured people just like you.

We are pleased to represent persons who have been injured due car accidents, motorcycle accidents, 18 wheeler/semi truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful death, dog bites, and product liability claims.  This area of practice is called “personal injury” law.

Personal injury law, or the law that allows an injured person to collect money from a wrongdoer, is the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding area of law to practice.

As a small family firm, we are very selective in choosing our clients and their cases.  In taking a few number of handpicked cases, we are able to ensure our clients receive individual attention, and that we can vigorously prosecute their cases to get the maximum amount of money in the quickest manner possible.

Commonly Asked Personal Injury Questions

What is personal injury (PI) law?
Personal injury law is the area of law that allows you to collect money for physical or psychological damage caused by another person.  Sometimes you are able to collect money because the other person behaved negligently.  Perhaps the other driver was not paying attention and rear-ended your car.  Other times, the defendant person intentionally harmed you.  A third type of personal injury claim is based upon “strict liability.”  This makes the other person or entity liable to you simply because he engaged in a certain conduct.  Strict liability law allows you to recover damages whether he was negligent or not.

Why Does your Firm Charge No Fees Or Expenses Unless It Wins My Case?
At Mueller, Hinds, & Associates, Chtd., if we agree to take your personal injury case, we charge no fees and no expenses unless and until we win your claim. We will work on your case and advance all the expenses necessary to prosecute your claim.  We are reimbursed and paid only from the recovery we obtain for you.  This is called a “contingency fee.”  If for some reason there is no gross recovery, no attorney's fee are, and we pay for your expenses. All of this is clearly spelled out in a written retainer agreement.

We are able to take cases on a “contingency basis” because we only take a select number of cases that we believe have a good chance of success.  In other words, if we take your case, this means that we have the confidence and courage to put our time and money at risk for you and to become your partner in the pursuit of justice.  We are betting our money on it!

Do I need to live in Nevada to pursue a suit here?
No.  Many of our clients live outside of Nevada.  However, we have some clients that we have never even met in person.  We communicate via email, letter, and telephone.  If you live out of States, you may eventually need to come here to prosecute your suit, but you will be reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses from the settlement.

We would love for you to visit us and sit down face-to-face with you to discuss your case.  If this is not feasible for you, we are happy to handle your case in another manner.

Who is responsible when more than one person caused my injuries?
Each defendant is responsible for only the injuries he or she caused.  Some other states have joint and several liability, which makes each defendant liable for all injuries sustained regardless of percentage of fault.  Nevada abolished this doctrine.
If you think more than one person may be responsible for your injuries, you should contact our office immediately to avoid missing part of your claim.

 I am at fault too.  Can I recover anything?
Nevada follows a system using the modified comparative negligence or modified comparative fault rule.  This means that an injured party can only recover if his or her fault in causing the injury is 50% or less than 50%.  If a plaintiff’s fault reaches 51%, he or she recovers nothing.  In other words, if you are 50% responsible for an accident, you can still recover damages; however, your damages are reduced by your portion of fault.  For example, if you are 50% at fault and your damages are $10,000, your award would be reduced by $5000 and you would actually receive $5000.

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